Wedding Video Deliverables:

We have a boutique package to fit every budget! Looking for just raw footage? Want two videographers to capture your party?  Longing for a highlight and a full feature so you don't miss out on any of part of your day?  Edited packages start at $1900. Email today with the code 'WEBLOVE' for an instant $100 off!

The Wedding Teaser

‘The jealousy inducer’- It’s the best thirty seconds of the day. Heavily-edited and underscored with music- this is the most cinematic of all the options. Yummy, snackable, social media content. Shareable 4-6 weeks after the wedding. 

The Small Wedding Highlight

 ‘The short and sweet’- This is a condensed version(3-4 minute) of the wedding highlight.  The small wedding highlight touches on all the events of the day. Underscored with both music and your own vows, the Small Highlight is a great option for those on a budget. Shareable 8-12 weeks after your wedding. 

***The Long Wedding Highlight ***(New)

 ‘The big kahuna’- This is the industry standard 15-20 minute edited video that allows you to go back and immerse yourself in the best parts of your day. Underscored with music, this traditional view of the prep, ceremony, portrait session and reception is shareable 8-12 weeks after the wedding.

***The Ceremony & Reception Videos***(New)

‘The documentaries’-These lightly edited videos are what most folks watch on their anniversary. They are the full account of your ceremony as well as your reception. They round out the highlights nicely with a more detailed account of the day. All of the processional, hymnals, vows, rings, kissing as well as the speeches, dances, funny entrances are packed into these two videos. The ceremony & reception videos come as a pair. Shareable 8-12 weeks after the wedding.

A la carte options

Aerial Footage

'The bird'- FAA Certified and insured. Birds eye footage of the differenet locations throughout the day. We fly in accordance with FAA law- The drone will not fly near ‘no fly zones’, during inclement weather, ceremonies, indoors or directly above people.

Second Videographer

'The 3rd camera’- I come with two cameras, but if you have more than 300 people OR you just want more reactions OR you are getting ready at different places OR you want aerial footage(free with a second shooter)… this one’s for you:)

DVD / Blu-ray 

 'Hard copies'-Your DVD/Blu-ray order comes in packs of three.

Raw Footage

‘Unedited everything’- Straight from the camera to your computer.

Thank You's

'Save on stationary'- Join the 21st century and send out a cinemagraph instead of a thank you note. These moving pictures, like the one at the top of this page, a faster, elegant and more affordable way to say thanks to a large group.

The Proposal Video

'She said yes'- Want to document your proposal? Let's plan together to keep your wedding proposal video elegant, covert and timeless.

A wedding video package that gives back.

Every package sold, we give a small percentage to a local charity. We've given to BUILD Chicago, WBEZ Chicago, Purple Asparagus, PAWS Chicago and more. It's our way to keep passing on your love and generosity. Let's hear from you and who you'd like to give to- Contact us here.